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Colin Seale

Founder | CEO–  Tackling inequity hands-on has always been personal to Colin, because the amazing educational opportunities he received in gifted and talented courses and an exclusive specialized high school despite his underprivileged background growing up in Brooklyn, NY made him an exception to a painfully unjust rule. So whether Colin was teaching middle and high school math in Washington, D.C. and Las Vegas, NV, applying his computer science degree and Master’s in Public Administration to fight for child safety at Nevada’s largest child welfare agency, or practicing as a business attorney at one of Las Vegas’ top law firms while representing children in foster care, Colin has always dreamed of a world where stories like his were no longer the exception, but instead, all students had an equal shot at being exceptional. Colin created thinkLaw to give all students access to the type of game-changing critical thinking education they need to not only fully understand the way the world is, but to question it and imagine the way the world ought to be. When he’s not serving as the world’s greatest critical thinking evangelist, Colin proudly serves as the world’s greatest entertainer for his two little kiddos. His new book Thinking Like a Lawyer: A Framework for Teaching Critical Thinking to All Students is out April 2020.

Sarah Pfeiler

Training & Curriculum Manager Sarah’s career has always focused on equity for all students. Teaching in Kansas City for 14 years at private, charter and public schools gave her an incredible respect for the extremely hard work of educators and the power they have to change lives. She has taught English as a Second Language, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Math and has worked with learners in grades K-12. She recently left the field of teaching to take on the new job of Wonder Woman – no joke – and focus on what she enjoys most which are creating powerful critical thinking curriculum and tools that will literally change our world! When she’s not buried deep in a 100th revision to the thinkLaw curriculum, you’ll find her keeping up with her rascally four boys in the great Missouri outdoors. She swears most of her free time is spent at Costco stocking up on 10lb bags of chicken nuggets just to keep her boys well fed and growing! She also is a huge advocate on foster youth issues (she spent 6 years as a licensed foster parent and loved it!) and a Harry Potter fanatic. She’s completing her yearly read as we speak!


Director of Marketing and Partnership Development Challenging the narrative around educational equity and inclusion and who gets access to quality instructions is personal to Johnathon. While pursuing his degree in Political Science at East Carolina University Johnathon recognized how limited his own educational experience had been. He was catching up early in his college career via remedial courses, even though he had always been tracked as a “great student” by his teachers. This experience is what drove him to teach middle school science in Charlotte, NC, and then go on to engage with the political & advocacy sector, working on several different school board, state and local campaigns. After leaving the classroom he chose to venture into the private sector as a Project Manager in Washington DC, while obtaining his Master’s in Public Administration at George Mason University. Johnathon’s relentless drive to shatter the achievement-gap is what leads him to the thinkLaw team where he will be leading marketing and partnerships. When he is not out advocating for our students, you can find him playing trivia, baseball, cycling and trying to convince his wife Hilary to do another 200 mile bike trip!


Special Projects and Operations Associate Jordan is a high school Spanish teacher who has been in the classroom for eight years. She believes that innovation is the key to providing an equitable education for all students, and works hard to be creative and innovative as an educator. She is currently getting her masters from Columbia University’s Teachers College in Public School Building Leadership and plans to be a principal. When she’s not in her high school classroom in Atlanta or working with thinkLaw to close the critical thinking gap, you can find Jordan watching college football in the fall, or taking advantage of spring and summer breaks to travel the world. She has been to 18 different countries and is always planning her next adventure—she has even spread her love of travel to her students, with whom she has traveled to Costa Rica, Peru, and Spain! Jordan is originally from southern Louisiana, so she enjoys visiting her family there… and, most importantly, eating ALL of the cajun food.

Jessica Walczak

Partner Success CoachJessica dreamed of being an educator ever since she was a young Army brat. Growing up, she attended schools across the country where she had firsthand experience with the expectation gaps and lack of access to challenging and engaging education.  As a 4th grader, Jessica went from “above average” in one state to two levels below when she moved states a month later. This educational inequity is what drove Jessica to become an educator. Jessica earned her Master of Arts in Teaching and later earned her Master of Science in Management and Leadership and maintains a teaching license for the State of Virginia. Jessica has taught in public and private schools, as well as at an international school in the Dominican Republic. When Jessica is not supporting teacher’s use of the thinkLaw’s curricular resources, she’s dancing merengue with her husband, planning her next trip, or finding forever homes for the cats she fosters.

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