7:59: Roll in one minute before the start of the day! Winning!

8:00: Slink back out to your classroom to get the laptop you forgot.

8:01: Arrive back in the library with your laptop. Do a quick scan of the room and strategically place yourself near the doughnuts but far enough away that the speaker won’t call on you to answer questions.

8:05: Slink back to your classroom to get your charger because you forgot to charge your laptop.

8:06: Pat yourself on the back for exhibiting self-control and avoiding the candy scattered all over the tables.

8:09: Watch funny clip from a TV show. Turn to talk to your table and REALLY stretch to make an education analogy.

8:15: Refuse to let anyone use your pen for the sign-up sheet. Let them glare. Scavengers. You’ll never get it back. You’re already 50 dollars over your personal pen budget for the year.

8:30: Break into groups to discuss formative vs summative assessments… or something like that… you weren’t paying that close attention… Spend the first 5 minutes of group work time asking each group member if they heard the question. No one did. Sheepishly ask the presenter to repeat the question. Throw out buzzwords about assessment when an administrator or presenter walks by. When no one is around? Discuss last night’s episode of The Walking Dead.

9:00: How on Earth has only an hour passed? Check watch against library clock to make sure it’s still functioning correctly. Eat one piece of candy from the table.

9:15 Oh no! Surprise drop in by Central Office Administrator. Sit up taller and stop playing Slithero on your laptop. Raise hand and make a comment about growth mindset that gets you an approving nod! Yes! Celebrate by eating a piece of candy from the table.

10:00: Only one hour until lunch. Low-key text your friends under the table to discuss lunch plans. Better eat another piece of candy to hold you off until lunch.

10:55: Collect your belongings so you can shove anyone who tries to slow you down out of your way on the way to lunch.

11:02: Giver presenter the death eye for keeping you from your lunch.

11:03: SWEET FREEDOM!! An entire HOUR to eat uninterrupted, go to the bathroom, and caffeinate yourself.

12:00: Hunch back into seat immediately regretting your lunch choices and current food coma

12:01-2:00 ???? It’s really hazy. You notice a pile of candy wrappers scattered next to your chair.

2:01: Principal announces HR has arrived to go over some new policy. Die a little on the inside.

2:10: Hide papers under the HR handouts and attempt to grade whenever the principal’s back is turned.

3:00: It’s over at three… right? Bang head on table as someone asks for more clarification.

3:02: Leave a few pounds heavier, behind on your work, and not entirely enlightened.

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