The Age of Agility requires schools to prepare learners to solve problems unthought using technologies uncreated in professions that do not yet exist. But screaming for “transformation” and “reimagination” does not give leaders the “how” to make these urgent shifts. This interactive, working session will provide explicit guidance for the “how” of ensuring critical thinking is no longer a luxury good. 

Opportunity 180 and thinkLaw are excited to host Closing the Critical Thinking Gap: Practical Strategies to Future-Proof Our Students, a free workshop on Wednesday October 14th at 4 pm PDT, where Colin Seale, Founder and CEO of thinkLaw, and Author of Thinking Like a Lawyer: A Practical Framework for Teaching Critical Thinking to All Students will share practical, but powerful strategies educators will apply immediately to their existing instruction to shift students from “what” and “how-to” to “why” and “what if,” giving all students equitable access to deeper learning experiences as a key strategy for future-proofing them for the Age of Agility.


For more information and to register for the event, sign up here.