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About the Author: Colin Seale is an educator, attorney, and critical thinking evangelist. As a gifted learner and recovering underachiever, Colin founded thinkLaw, where he helps educators leverage inquiry- based instructional strategies to close the critical thinking gap, motivated by his unwavering commitment to ensure that teachers no longer leave genius on the table.

To compete in our rapidly changing global marketplace, critical thinking is the essential tool for ensuring that students fulfill their promise. But, in reality, critical thinking is still a luxury good, and students with the greatest potential are too often challenged the least. To close this critical thinking gap, Thinking Like a Lawyer introduces a powerful but practical framework to give teachers the tools and knowledge to teach critical thinking to all students. Using this framework, teachers will help students adopt the skills, habits, and mindsets of lawyers as they tackle 21st- century problems. Colin Seale, a teacher-turned-attorney-turned- education-innovator and founder of thinkLaw, uses his unique experience to introduce a wide variety of concrete instructional strategies and examples that teachers can use in all grade levels and subject areas. Individual chapters address underachievement, the value of nuance, evidence-based reasoning, social-emotional learning, equitable education, and leveraging families to close the critical thinking gap.